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Posted on Jun 15, 2021

Lucy Townsley Acupuncture Loughrea

How to get rid of Sinus Infections. How to get rid of sinus infections without antibiotics
My 9 Tips To Help
1. Get an Air filter
2. Acupuncture will help build up your immunity, helping you fight the pollen attack. Stops itchy eyeballs, clears airways, the fuzzy head feeling, and stops the irritant. Calms the stress you feel when hay fever stricks.
3. Is milk bad for the sinus? try to reduce dairy, processed foods, sugar keep a food diary.
4. Essential oils - Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon, Tea tree oil.
5. Nasal wash - Use 1 cup of filtered or boiled warm water with half or a whole teaspoon of sea salt (do not use normal commercial salt), gently clean the sinus passages with a nasal douche
6. Quercetin is a great antioxidant. Present in lots of foods apples, onions, grapes, tomatoes, green tea Kale, blueberries. Daily quercetin is necessary because the absorption rate can be quite low.
7. Drink filtered water
8. Nettle tea to fight hay fever
9. Lactoferrin
Do you have any of these symptoms
Itchy bloodshot eyes
Shortness of breath
Runny nose or congestion
Blocked ears
Dark circles under the eyes
Poor sleep
Stress from Hay fever

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