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Posted on Jan 15, 2021

Lucy Townsley Acupuncture Loughrea

As I headed to my 40’s my period started to go all over the place, every 21 days from a 28-day cycle, not only that but got very heavy. To add to heavy periods I started to get hot flushes. My hot flushes would come during the night early hours of the morning. I would wake up roasting in different areas of my body particularly my back other times could be my chest or head.
My diet at the time wasn’t the best and because I wasn’t sleeping well my energy was low. I was being lazy on the exercise front.
I changed my diet added lots of green vegetables and cut down on the sweets and yummy foods. I started taking magnesium, taurine, and progesterone to help with my hot flushes.
Magnesium is a powerful stress reliever and helps sleep
Taurine is an amino acid that helps to calm the mind and stabilizes the HPA axis
Progesterone helps you sleep and when you sleep you think better and this helps your anxiety.
It took about 3 months but they eased and eventually went.
How do you manage when you are getting a hot flush?
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